Rajesh Kannan KC2KBY/VU2OW

Marchwood Files


Marchwood Original Article

Modified version of Marchwood

Modified version of Marchwood dispenses with thermistor implementation, adds low voltage protection and better swing in setting voltages. You may have to read the article in detail and then look at the PCB to understand the layout.

Express PCB Design of the modified version

This version has provision to add decoupling condensers to prevent ICs from acting up some times. Right click the link and save it to your PC.

Following files can be used to print and transfer on to photo paper to be ironed on to copper clad board for etching. Print the files from Adobe Photoshop (Laser printer) on to thin photo paper. While printing, turn off auto resize, fit to paper, enlarge or any such options. Just print it at 100% size.

PDF file (multiple images - copper side)

JPG image (Multiple pcbs copper side)

PDF file - Silk - multiple images

JPG image - multiple prints - Silk


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